Saturday, 28, May, 2022

"In December, we were lucky enough to become the parents of seven more girls and two boys. We have been striving for this for the last 10 years, and we are very happy about it,” the businessman Murod Nazarov said.

On January 16, a family photo of Murod Nazarov with his family and the newly adopted 7 girls and 2 boys from an orphanage surfaced on social networks.

He confirmed that he had adopted 9 children. He has 3 daughters and 2 sons of his own. He has now changed the status on his Instagram page to "a father of 14 children."

In 2003 Murod Nazarov founded and owns one of the largest development companies in Uzbekistan - Murad Buildings. He also opened confectionery factory in 2003. In his portfolio there is the tallest building under contsruction in Central Asia- Nest One, located in the Tashkent City business district.

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