Monday, 20, May, 2019

A three-day meeting of working groups of government delegations of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan on the issues of delimitation and demarcation of the Tajik-Uzbek boundary ended in Dushanbe.

The meeting discussed the passing line of the Tajik-Uzbek state boundary in remaining areas, which was concluded in signing of a Protocol.

At the talks the Uzbekistan delegation was headed by special envoy Ilkhom Nematov, the Tajikistan delegation - by Deputy Foreign Minister Mahmadsharif Hakdod.

According to a source in the government, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan could by the end of this year fully agree on the state boundary and sign an interstate agreement.

The main line of the boundary between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan has already been agreed and consolidated by the Treaty between the two states on the Tajik-Uzbek State Border of 2002, which has been ratified by the parliaments of both sides.

However at present, about 60 kilometers of the boundary is still not settled.

The length of the boundary between the countries is 1332.9 km, of which 105 km is the river boundary.



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