Saturday, 31, July, 2021

19-year-old girl who worked in a textile factory in Samarkand was raped during a night shift, Zamon news program on Sevimli channel reported.

According to the victim, the incident took place on May 23 at about 22:00-23:00, when her supervisor approached her and insisted that she go out into the corridor. At that moment, her hands and feet were tied, they put her in a car and took her to a nine-story building under construction near the factory.

“A couple of people were standing near this house. I couldn't scream, my mouth was sealed. The incident itself happened in the car,” the girl said in an interview with the channel. She added that she took the job to help her mother, who is the breadwinner of the family, and her father and brother are unemployed.

The Samarkand province prosecutor's office opened a criminal case against 28-year-old A.F. who is now facing rape charge, the man was taken into custody. An investigation is underway.

Nariman Umarov, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Judicial and Legal Issues and Anti-Corruption, reported that in 2020 the number of rape cases increased by 27.7%. According to the program, citing the data of the Ombudsman, the number of such incidents against women may actually be higher, since "women do not want to talk about what happened, not only in social networks, but also to their loved ones."

From the beginning of the year to April 15, the Ombudsman received almost 20 complaints from women about sexual and physical violence, psychological pressure, most of them in the Surkhandarya and Kashkdarya provinces.

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