Sunday, 14, July, 2024

Procession of military units will take place on Wednesday on Tashkent streets, the press service of the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

The purpose of the event is “to show high respect for all war and labor veterans who contributed to the victory in World War II, to demonstrate the loyalty of the country’s defenders to the Motherland, in honor of the Day of Remembrance and Honor, the statement added.

The military personnel will move from the Victory Park memorial complex (via Sagbon and Zarkaynar streets) - Chorsu market - Tashkent Circus (Zarkaynar street) - People's Friendship Palace (Uzbekistan Avenue and Furkat street) - Magic City Park (Furkat street).

At Magic City Park, where military personnel will stop during the march, there will be demonstration performances by the military and the orchestra.

The procession will begin at 14:00 from the Victory Park complex.

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