Thursday, 18, July, 2024

1,415 people died in road accidents In January-August 2023 in Uzbekistan, announced Deputy Chairman of the Senate’s Defense and Security Committee Tolibjon Madumarov at a meeting on Friday.

According to his statistics, in 8 months over 9 million traffic violations of rules were registered, including about 8 million gross violations, with about 26 thousand cases of drunk driving identified.

In just eight months, 5,772 road accidents were recorded. 5,448 people were injured and 1,415 people died.

It was previously reported that in January-July, 1,115 deaths in road accidents were recorded, which means 300 people were killed in August.

Over eight months, more than 161 thousand pedestrians who violated the rules were brought to justice.

Tolibjon Madumarov underscroed there are about 11 thousand pedestrian crossings in the country. Of these, 1,834 are equipped with traffic lights and signs. “This is not even 30% of the total,” the senator said.

“At most unregulated crossings there are no signs warning drivers in a timely manner and there are no markings,” he added.

At night, uncontrolled crossings are not illuminated. In 2021–2023, 2,784 accidents occurred at unregulated crossings, of which 1,007 occurred in the dark.

Every year, the number of drivers held accountable for failing to allow pedestrians to pass at unregulated crossings is growing. In 2021, this figure was at 101,796, in 2022 - 142,967, in 2023 - already 90,811.

Uzbekistan-2030Strategy stipulates that all uncontrolled crossings with two lanes or more on new roads must be equipped with traffic lights from 2024.

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