Tuesday, 31, March, 2020

The duties of the Minister for Emergency Situations of Uzbekistan are being entrusted to the state adviser to the President, Tursinkhan Khudaibergenov, the Ministry said.

Tursinhan Khudaibergenov was in charge of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for more than 6 years - from March 2010 to December 2016, when he was appointed State Adviser to the President responsible for monitoring and coordinating the work with letters from individuals and legal entities, the he is also holding concurrently.

Tursinkhan Khudaibergenov, 66, is a graduate of the Tashkent Pedagogical Institute (1974) and the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR (1982). In 1974-1999, he held various positions in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 1999-2001 he was the chief of the Police Department of the Khorezm province, in 2001-2006 he was appointed the State Advisor to the President for coordinating the activities of law enforcement and supervisory bodies, in 2006-2010 he was chief of the Police Department of the Fergana province.

Abdulla Kuldashev became the new first deputy minister for emergency situations. Previously, he worked as the head of the Institute of Fire Safety under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 2005-2007 he held the post of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs.

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