Tuesday, 23, July, 2024

The Uzbekistan Football Federation (UFF) held an extraordinary election meeting today, in which First Deputy PM/Chairman of Uzbekistan Railways Achilbay Ramatov was elected as the new president of the UFF.

Also, the UFF was renamed into Uzbekistan Football Association (UFA), with all changes reportedly made in line with the FIFA and national legislation.

After being elected the new President shared his thoughts: "Thank you for your trust in me.  From now on we will develop our football. It is obvious that we have a lot of problems. We all have to go down and solve our problems in provinces, and we'll do everything we have to. We are falling behind and are not among the powerhouses in Asia. We must raise our football.”

“People are demanding for results. They have the right to do so. People lost interest in the leagues. So we have to start searching for the diseases in our football. The game is for spectators, we have to work hard for the people and fans. There were times when our stadiums were packed. There is barely anyone now. It is because inside our football there are many "games". Football people get “calls” from the top. Those who will interfere will bear the consequences, " Achilbay Ramatov, the new president of the UFA said.

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