Thursday, 24, June, 2021

On April 30, President signed the Measures for comprehensive systematization of national legislative base Decree, which provides for a number of key issues to ensure the quality and stability of legislation, the Ministry of Justice reports.

Firstly, in follow up of the measures taken to improve the legal framework, about 500 more outdated regulations shall be deemed as void.

In general, more than 3 thousand outdated acts were canceled, which is almost 10 percent of the current legal framework. This is intended to significantly facilitate the law enforcement practice, the Ministry of Justice notes.

Secondly, quantitative changes will help to improve quality.

After the so-called "cleansing" of legislation base from regulations that have actually lost their relevance, it is now time to improve the quality of documents.

In this regard, the work is planned to be carried out in two areas:

1) consolidation, that is, unification, of more than 1,600 disparate acts regulating the activities of more than 120 state institutions. This is a very important area because today, in order to understand the powers of one ministry, one has to go through at least a dozen regulations or seek legal advice, which implies additional time and financial costs. In turn, instead of a dozen different regulations, it is easier to understand and comply with one document, which details all the main issues regarding the activities of the relevant government body.

2) systematization of the current legal framework by branches of legislation. For this, about 60 of the most important sectors have been selected, according to which the existing acts will be systematized. This work contributes not only to a decrease in the number of acts, but also to a significant improvement in their quality. In particular, in the process of systematization, duplications, contradictions, gaps and other shortcomings, leading to various problems in law enforcement practice, will be eliminated.

Thirdly, the Ministry of Justice will provide methodological assistance to responsible enactors, as well as take measures to ensure the timely and high-quality implementation of the tasks outlined in the decree.

It should be noted that the decree focuses on clarifying the mechanisms for implementing the provisions of the decree. In particular, the two schemes attached to the decree for the systematization of legislative acts regulating the activities of state bodies, as well as the systematization of normative legal acts by branches of legislation, are made in the form of step-by-step instructions for responsible executors.

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