Tuesday, 18, May, 2021

Jaslyq colony in Karakalpakstan was not fully closed, there are about a hundred people sentenced to life imprisonment, the chief of the Ezgulik Human Rights Society Abdurakhmon Tashanov told the Kun.uz.

He explained the reports about the possible continuation of the work of the colony by the fact that people got used to hiding problems. He stressed that the presidential decree on the liquidation of the colony was a big event, but attention should be paid to the other side of the issue.

The president [then] said that we would close soon, but the existing facilities were not ready for this. Because there were life-term prisoners in Jaslyq. They could not be transferred to any prison, since slightly different conditions are required for such prisoners. In this matter, the world standards are different. Life prisoners must be kept in a separate area. When the president announced the closure of Jaslyq, such zones were not yet ready, explained Abdurakhmon Tashanov.

He suggested that perhaps official reported to the president that everything was resolved, there would be no problems.

But the prisoners who are being held there have relatives, they are constantly meeting convicts. Several relatives of the prisoners contacted us. We were in no hurry to report on the incomplete closure of Jaslyq, about the detention of about a hundred life-sentenced prisoners there, we made inquiries, asked, said the head of Ezgulik.

With reference to sources in the penal system (Tashanov emphasized that a modern prison is being built in the Kyzyltepa district of the Navoi province for life prisoners and persons who have committed especially grave crimes (this information was also confirmed by a Gazeta.uz source in law enforcement organs).

When this prison is ready, the prisoners remaining in Jaslyk will be transferred there. This is normal. But it is wrong to hide it or be ashamed of it, or to panic, stating: They said then that it had bee closed, if they find out that it is not completely closed, we will look like liars, he emphasized and added that there is no need to worry about this again.

The special colony No. 19 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Karakalpakstan, built in 1999 in the village of Jaslyq in the Kungrad district, will be liquidated on the basis of a presidential decree of August 2, 2019. Then the Minister of Internal Affairs Pulat Bobozhonov reported that this institution is designed for 1,100 prisoners.

Currently, 395 convicts are being held there, of which 10% were prosecuted for religious extremism, the minister said.

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