Tuesday, 19, October, 2021

The Museum of Arts of Karakalpakstan named after Igor Savitsky commented on the incident happened to the 1914 painting of Alexander Shevchenko (1883-1948) "Woman with Buckets".

Earlier reports emerged on social networks that the painting was damaged by the museum's sprinkler systems and cannot be recovered.

According to the administration of the museum, the incident occurred on the night of July 15 to July 16 on the third floor of the exposition hall No. 2. Woman with Buckets was damaged by a water spray from the inadvertently activated sprinkler system.

"Oil layer in some places of the painting was detached. According to the provisional conclusion of the museum restorers, the painting can be restored", the administration said in a statement, adding that they are currently holding negotiations with experts to restore the work of art.

Woman with Buckets was painted with oil on canvas in 1914. The Savitsky Museum's hosts a collection of 195 paintings and graphics by Alexander Shevchenko.


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