Tuesday, 21, August, 2018


Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan and UNFPA (UN Population Fund) together commemorate the World Population Day 2018 to highlight global and national efforts on family planning as a human right.

The number of foreign nationals who entered Uzbekistan nearly doubled reaching 2.688 million, or a 91.6% increase in the first year-half compared to 2017, the Tourism development committee said.

UNICEF and Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan with support of the European Union, launched a project to protect children affected by migration. The project is being rolled out in eight countries of Southeast, South and Central Asia, including Uzbekistan.

The population of Uzbekistan as of July 1 stands at 32.9 million people, an increase by 243.4 thousand from 31 December 2017, or by 0.7%. The urban population is 16.646 million (or 50.6% of total population), and the rural population is at 16.254 million (49.4%), the Statistics Committee’s said in report.

The Legislative Chamber MP Sabit Tursunov died in car accident in Syrdarya province Saturday, when he was heading to Samarkand province on an unlicensed taxi to study problems related to water supply.

Journalist Furkat Yusupov perished in Karakalpakstan. Kruz.Uz reported today. On Saturday evening, Furkat reportedly met with four classmates and went for a swim in a canal. One of the girls decided to have a dip and started drowning. Furkat's friend man rushed to help her, but he could not cope with the current either. Then Furkat tried to help his friends. As a result, none of the three could swim out.

New chiefs have been appointed at the tax departments n Karakalpakstan and four provinces, the committee said in a statement.

Bekzod Abdrimov, acting deputy mayor of Urgench district in Khorezm province, was arrested red-handed when while taking 5 million soums in bribe from a local resident on July 1, Akhborot 24 news program on Uzbekistan 24 reported.

Tuberculosis (TB) laboratory experts from Uzbekistan returned today from a U.S.-sponsored study tour of Kazakhstan’s National Center for Tuberculosis and Pulmonology and regional TB laboratories in Almaty and Astana, where they met with Kazakhstani counterparts and shared information on TB testing and laboratory management.

The Samarkand city criminal court today reviewed and upheld the request of the province prosecutor office to arrest Sanat Umarov, accused of Abuse Of Power and Using Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment of the Criminal Code of Uzbekistan.