Monday, 25, January, 2021

The government of Uzbekistan issued resolution on November 20, approving the list of goods subject to mandatory digital labelling in 2020-2022, said.

The list includes tobacco products, alcoholic drinks (except beer), beer, medicines and medical products, water and soft drinks, household appliances.

The State Tax Committee has been instructed to develop:

  • until December 10, 2020, the Regulation on the procedure for labeling and traceability of alcohol and tobacco products;
  • until December 30, 2021, based on the results of the pilot project, the Regulation on the procedure for marking and traceability of other types of goods.

From March 1, 2021, the import of unlabeled alcohol and tobacco products into the territory of Uzbekistan will be prohibited.

The State Tax Committee, together with the Ministry of Information Technologies, by December 1, 2020, must ensure the launch of the Asl Belgisi National Information System (NIS) for monitoring the labeling and traceability of products.

The State Tax Committee was instructed to enter into a PPP agreement with CRPT Turon for the creation, operation and maintenance of Asl belgisi NIS on the basis of direct negotiations and taking into account the results of experiment on the introduction of labeling for certain commodity items. CRPT Turon will be determined as the NIS operator.

Earlier, the Antimonopoly Committee proposed to determine the winner through bidding for concluding a contract under the PPP terms.

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