Saturday, 22, February, 2020

Uzbekistan's Foreign Ministry says one of the tens of Uzbek labor migrants who were poisoned with an unspecified substance in Russia a month ago has died.

Russia's Investigative Committee said at the time that dozens of Uzbek citizens were hospitalized with food-poisoning symptoms on July 16-17 in the Syzran district of the Samara province.

On July 22, Uzbekistan's Foreign Ministry put the number of those hospitalized at 69, including a child. It said investigations had been launched into the mass poisoning.

The ministry said on August 15 that 48 Uzbek citizens remain in hospitals in the Samara region.

It said the Uzbek migrant workers were employed at a farm in the village of Koshelyovka. It said the workers lived separately from other villagers and cooked their own food.

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