Wednesday, 13, November, 2019

"The energy sector development program of the includes the construction of three new coal-fired power plants. All of them will be located near the Angren coal mine," said Ruslan Mubarakshin, the CEO at Thermal Power Plants.

“The first 150 MW capacity unit was built here by the Chinese company Harbin Power Engineering Company. Its efficiency is about two times higher than that of the old one. Burnt coal amount is at 1 million tons per year. When we were implementing this project, we were already envisaging the installation of auxiliary and fuel supply equipment for the second unit. This year we will complete the project's feasibility study and are discussing with the potential investor the construction of the second 150 MW power unit," he added.

According to him, in two years it is planned to build the third 150 MW power unit and then another one not less than 300 MW in capacity. This entire program focuses on switching over from natural gas to coal.

“The high-end equipment at the Angren TPP minimizes carbon emissions. The emission of carbon dioxide is minimal that it does not affect even nearby villages and the area,” he stressed.

According to him, in 7-8 years the coal consumption is expected to literally reach 6-7 million per year, and most of it will be mined in the Angren open-pit mine.

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