Sunday, 04, December, 2022

- First of all I want to bring apologies to our fans for the loss against Syria. We made many mistakes, so did I. That match could go either way, we could have won it too. But we lost through a penalty kick in the last minute. Unfortunately due to injuries and bans I couldn’t have the best line-up for none of the 7 matches. Everything is against us. Regardless of who will play in the national team, we will advance for our goal. Denisov will not play tomorrow-  Babayan said.

-Tomorrow against Qatar we will try to get a win. I appeal to all fans to come to support us, Bikmayev said.

- When you just took the reigns of the national team, you said that the current team was the best of all time. And this best team lost to Syria... Did you think about the resignation after the match?

- I am ready to repeat myself. The current team is the strongest of all time. However when a first choice player misses a match this is causing a real problem. 3 of our first choice players were missing in the Syria match. The coach and the resignation are sort of synonyms. I might resign after the match against Qatar, but at the moment all my thoughts are aimed at getting the win.

-Islam Tuhtahudzhaev will miss the match. We have always won our home matches against Qatar. Are the guys ready to win?

- Tuhtahudzhaev is quite a loss. And we are thinking of who will replace him. Tomorrow, regardless of who will replace he will eye the win.

- What can you say about Qatar?

-Qatar is a strong side. They played very well against Iran and didn’t deserve to lose.

- After the match against Syria, the media and social networks strongly criticized the team ... Is the team psychologically ready for the match tomorrow?

-This kind of fans pop up only when the team loses. And also, I know how they get upset when Uzbekistan wins. There are quite many pessimists as well. Our goal is to advance.

- The Center for national teams noted on social networks that the head coaches of the national teams of various ages are working under harsh conditions, and that they deserve statues. Under what harsh conditions are you working?

I don’t follow social networks. I focus on my work. And I can’t complain about the conditions, all is fine. The Federation has provided everything. As for a statue, I don’t need it for now.

-Will Rashidov play tomorrow?

-Rashidov is among the 23 players. He may play tomorrow.

- After the match against Syria, the fans were very disappointed and probably wouldn’t want to come to the stadium. Will the small attendance affect how the team will perform tomorrow?

- No doubt the fans are our main strength. I appeal to them to come to support us. The national team belongs to the people. We will try our upmost to win and make them happy.

Marat Bikmayev: I ask the fans to come tomorrow. We need you very much.

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