Monday, 28, November, 2022

The State Tender Commission announced the sale of a 100% government stake in the design institute UzGASHKLITI, the State Assets Management Agency (SAMA) reported.

The sale agreement was signed with the winner of the public auction - SG Engineering And Development. The transaction price is 133.7 billion soums, US$ 12.5 million.

The company's bid was recognized as the best, because “the offered price was higher than the price range offered by other bidders, as well as the estimated market value of the design institute, calculated by the consultant and an independent appraisal organization, the SAMA noted.

The international consulting company Grant Thornton participated in the process of privatization of the state asset, legal support was provided by the law firm Dentons.

UzGASHKLITI was put up for sale in January. The full name of the object is the State Design Research Institute of Engineering Surveys in Construction, Geoinformatics and Urban Cadastre. The Institute was founded in 1963. In August 2021, it was transformed into an LLC. The complex is located in the Chilanzar district of Tashkent on 0.21 hectares. The total area of ​​buildings and structures is 5079 sq. m.

UzGASHKLITI employs more than 700 people, according to its website. In 2020, UzGASHKLITI completed work for 104 billion soums and received a net profit of 4.6 billion soums.

About winner bidder

According to the USREO, SG Engineering And Development was registered in Tashkent on November 26, 2021, a little more than a month before the object was put up for auction. The authorized capital is 9.05 billion soums. Its main activity is work in the field of engineering surveys and the provision of technical advice in these areas.

The founders are VIRIDI (55.3%) and PROLIZ (44.7%).

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