Sunday, 24, September, 2023

At the invitation of the Chinese President Xi Jinping, the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev will today attend the online high-level dialogue on global development in the BRICS Plus format.

The event, which will be chaired by China, will also be attended by the heads of state and government of the BRICS group - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, as well as the leaders of Algeria, Argentina, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran , Kazakhstan, Malaysia and others. In total, participation of delegations from 18 countries is expected.

The agenda of the forum includes the ways to advance the global partnership to implement the sustainable development agenda until 2030. The parties will focus on expanding cooperation, primarily in the field of "green economy", high technologies, innovations, digitalization, transport and logistics, and humanitarian exchange.

It is expected that the President of Uzbekistan in his remarks will outline the priority areas for broad international cooperation in the joint achievement of sustainable development goals. The new BRICS Plus format was launched in order to establish mutually beneficial and multifaceted cooperation between the BRICS countries and other leading developing countries.

“The forum plays a big role in promoting mutual trade and investment, transfer of advanced technologies and knowledge, developing cooperation ties and transport and communication interconnectedness, strengthening a constructive dialogue in the field of security,” the statement added.

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