Saturday, 13, August, 2022

Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan Vladimir Norov made remarks at the third meeting of foreign ministers in the Central Asia-China format.

In his remarks, he said that, comprehensive strategic ties between Uzbekistan and China had become dynamic and sustainable over the past 30 years. In particular, thanks to joint efforts, the two-way trade between Uzbekistan and China has increased 140 times over 30 years. The volume of Chinese investment in the economy of Uzbekistan has increased fivefold since 2017.

“While, these figures do not fully reflect the existing huge potential. In this regard, we consider it the most important task to begin the practical implementation of the initiatives put forward by the heads of our states, which are enshrined in the “road map for the development of regional cooperation for 2022-2025” adopted today,” he said.

Norov emphasized that Uzbekistan stands for the joint implementation of long-term and mutually beneficial projects in Central Asia with China, which will contribute to sustainable socio-economic development, integration of the countries of the region into the global economy and transport and logistics corridors.

“We are counting on your support for the initiative to develop a joint strategy for a new China-Central Asia economic dialogue aimed at taking effective measures to effectively use the huge potential that our countries have in the field of economy, trade, industrial cooperation with the involvement of Chinese technologies,” he added.

he said that Uzbekistan intends to further increase cooperation with China within the framework of the One Belt and Road initiative, which has become an effective platform for expanding regional connectivity and trade and economic cooperation. At the same time, the current problems with logistics and serious disruptions in the supply chains of products have a negative impact on many manufacturing sectors, the timing and quality of the implementation of priority investment projects.

Under these conditions, the “Initiative on Deepening Cooperation in the Field of Connectivity”, which is being adopted today, is of particular importance, which, I am sure, will create strong conditions for ensuring an uninterrupted system of cargo flows, increasing the capacity of border points, improving the system of “green” corridors, and increasing international road and rail traffic. .

“We consider it necessary to create a coordinating council on transport infrastructure at the level of deputy heads of government of the countries of Central Asia and China in order to develop systemic solutions to ensure uninterrupted cargo flow, prevent logistical failures and develop trans-regional logistics networks. For a deeper integration of Central Asia into the system of interregional transport and logistics corridors, we consider it important to start the practical implementation of the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway construction projects, as well as Termez-Mazar-i-Sharif-Kabul-Peshawar. The connection of these railway projects will allow diversifying transport and logistics hubs to and from the countries of Central Asia, will contribute to the development of regional interconnectedness of Central and South Asia, as well as ensuring sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction in the region,” the head of the foreign ministry said.

Norov also noted that the improvement of infrastructure and the effective use of the multimodal transport corridor "Lianyungang-Lanzhou-Kashgar-Irkeshtam-Osh-Andijan" and the transport corridor "Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan-Iran-Oman".

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