Monday, 29, November, 2021

Temur’s (Tamerlane) victory over the Golden Horde’s Khan Tokhtamysh near present-day Samara more than 600 years ago could be immortalized in stone.

The Uzbek authorities are planning to hold a call for entries for creation and installation of a monument to Tamerlane in the Kunduzcha area, follows from the text of the Cabinet of Ministers decree on the study of military history.

It is assumed that after the choice of the design of the monument, the project should be implemented by 2024, together with the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Culture.

The battle on the Kunduzcha River took place in 1391. According to historians, up to 400 thousand soldiers took part in the battle, as a result of which Temur's troops defeated Tokhtamysh's army. Where exactly these events unfolded is still unknown.

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