Tuesday, 29, November, 2022

On November 6, Tashkent hosted a solemn ceremony of inauguration of the President-elect at a joint meeting of the chambers of the Oliy Majlis, the presidential press service said. Afterwards, in line with the article 92 of the Constitution, the president took the oath.

Then Shavkat Mirziyoyev made remarks on priority areas for the next five years.

“We have developed a new five-year Uzbekistan’s development strategy and widely discussed it together with the people during the election campaign.,” he said.

The new strategy will consist of seven areas.

Area 1 - building a people's state through the development of a free civil society. To this end, in the future, most of the state functions will be transferred from the center to the provinces. Each makhalla will have the position of an assistant mayor. The regional budget will receive funds from additional sources and separate funds will be formed for each makhalla. The central departments will be transformed, a compact and efficient management system will be created, and the departments performing duplicate functions will be optimized.

“Officials should not be a burden for the people, but, on the contrary, make their life easier,” the president said.

Area 2 - strengthening justice and the rule of law, respect for the honor and dignity of a person. To this end, the judicial system and the institution of the legal profession, the activities of law enforcement agencies will be improved. Protection of the rights of businesses and owners will be strengthened. All the forces and means of the state and society will be aimed at eradicating corruption. Activities in this area will not be limited to bringing the perpetrators to justice, but will also be aimed at eliminating the causes of corruption, using effective preventive measures.

Area 3 - development of the national economy. The goal is that by 2030 Uzbekistan should enter a number of states with an above-average per capita income. This will be achieved primarily by stimulating the private sector and increasing its share, as well as attracting foreign direct investment. Priority measures will be taken to ensure macroeconomic stability and reduce inflation to 5 percent.

Major projects are planned to provide the population with housing and clean drinking water, build modern roads and communications, improve public transport and communications between regions.

Area 4 - providing quality education and upbringing will be in the center of constant attention. It is planned to gradually increase the salary of teachers and by 2025 bring it to an equivalent of 1,000 dollars. It is necessary to develop a National Education Program aimed at building new and strengthening the material and technical base of existing schools, ensuring continuous communication between all parts of the education system.

Broad conditions will be created to protect the public health. In the next five years, it is planned to increase the salary of doctors of the highest category to 1 thousand dollars in equivalent. The coverage of specialized medical care in regions, districts and cities will expand. The system of state medical insurance will also be launched, funds will be allocated with reference to a specific patient. The development of physical culture and sports, the establishment of a healthy lifestyle will remain an important task.

Area 5 - the development of the spiritual and educational sphere. For this purpose, the concept "New Uzbekistan - an enlightened society" will be implemented. Priority will be given to the development of culture and art, the formation of healthy convictions among young people, the strengthening of interethnic harmony and mutual respect.

Area 6 - consolidating efforts in the search for solutions to global problems, develop appropriate steps at the national and regional levels. The fight against the exacerbating negative impact of environmental threats will be launched. The zone of ecological innovations and technologies in the Aral Sea region will be developed, the development of the World Ecological Charter.

Area 7 - ensuring peace and security in the country, and the development of international cooperation. Goals - enhancing the power of the country's armed forces, strengthening the combat readiness, physical and moral training of servicemen. Uzbekistan will continue its pragmatic, balanced foreign policy and economic diplomacy. This is, first of all, the further strengthening of good-neighborliness and strategic partnership with the countries of Central Asia, as well as the expansion of mutually beneficial and multifaceted relations with partners in all regions of the world.

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