Monday, 18, October, 2021

On October 14, a footage appeared on Telegram channels where several auto containers loaded with Chevrolet Lacetti vehicles were heading to the flour storage area. Why are cars going to the warehouse?

UzAuto Motors commented on this, confirming that such facts are taking place.

“The fact is that our company produces 250-300 Chevrolet Lacetti cars a day. We cannot hand them to consumers due to the shoratge of microchips. The cars are nearly ready, but the absence of just one part prevents any system from working. For example, an airbag,” the automaker explained.

As soon as UzAuto Motors receives these parts, they will be installed in the car, and the car will be handed over to the buyer, the company said.

“These ready-made, but not marketable cars have gradually filled all the spaces for finished cars at the plant. For this reason, UzAuto Motors entered into an agreement with Uzdonmahsulot on the temporary storage of cars on their territory.

As previously reported, in 8 months from the beginning of the year, UzAuto Motors produced 130.4 thousand cars, and in August - 5534, including 350 Cobalt, 177 Nexia, 2 Lacetti and not a single Spark.

The company attributes this to an acute shortage of semiconductors required for car production. The problem is global and the coronavirus pandemic has caused supply delays around the world. Carmakers around the world have been short of chips for almost a year. In 2020, the production of semiconductors in the world fell significantly due to the pandemic, and by the beginning of 2021 it did not keep up with the sharply increased demand.

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