Monday, 18, October, 2021

Residents of Taraz city in Kazakhstan have expressed concern about the planned construction of the first nuclear power plant in Uzbekistan.

According to Atameken Business News, local residents believe that "a large-scale and risky project should be шьздуьутеув in cooperation with neighboring states."

“Remember the tragedy in Chernobyl, how many people were left with disabilities. I am familiar with many of them. What is it good for? I'm against it,” said a local resident.

Another woman said that she did not support the construction of a nuclear power plant in Uzbekistan.

“I do not support this decision, we have children and grandchildren. What is the benefit to us, apart from harm,” she said.

Environmentalists also warned about the danger of waste if the nuclear power plant is located near the borders of the two states. Kazakh ecologists believe that, taking into account the economic factor, they forget about the environment.

“We say that it is profitable, with cheap electricity, but we must also remember about the social situation. We are forgetting about nature. No matter where the plant is built, the radioactive waste of the nuclear power plant will harm us through water, air and even sand, ”said ecologist Anar Zhumadilova.

Other experts are in no hurry to criticize the construction of the nuclear power plant.

“The sciences are advancing, scientists are interested in improving ecosystems. This is a problem for the whole world. I think scientists have carefully thought out how to safely switch to a peaceful atom,” said expert Sauranbek Zhamalbekov.

Earlier it was reported that the mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) presented recommendations and proposals to assist Uzbekistan in preparing for the construction of the first nuclear power plant.

In April of this year, it became known that Uzbekistan and Russia were working on the development of the text of a contract for the construction of a nuclear power plant in Uzbekistan.

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