Monday, 18, October, 2021

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has equipped almost all local units with electroshock devices (ESD), the Ministry said in a statement today.

Electroshockers, electric concubes and electric pistols are provided to police officers for carrying out patrol and guard duty, as well as ensuring public order.

The procedure for use of special devices by a police officer, including ESD, is regulated by the Police Law, as well as by the corresponding instruction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In particular, only those officers who receive a certificate confirming the passage of special training, approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and agreed by the Ministry of Health, shall be allowed to use the ESD, the press service added.

A police officer can use an ESD when repelling an attack on himself or a citizen, suppressing a crime or offense, arresting a person caught in a crime and trying to escape, freeing captured citizens and buildings and suppressing mass riots.

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