Saturday, 31, July, 2021

The Afghan President Ashraf Ghani spoke about the situation in his home country at the conference on Central and South Asia in Tashkent on July 16.

“We strive to resolve the conflict through political dialogue with the Taliban, this is our national priority. In addition, we will work to make unite the country, make it democratic and peaceful. We are talking about the real democracy,” Ashraf Ghani stressed.

He added: "We will try to use all possible means to negotiate with the Taliban and not concede to them."

According to him, the Afghans support the national armed forces, and the recruitment of volunteers into the ranks of the government is on the rise, but there are also difficulties. First of all, this is the third wave of the coronavirus.

In addition, according to Ashraf Ghani, the United States is acting within the framework of political decisions. They redeployed their military base and more than 5,000 prisoners and 50 of the largest drug dealers have been released at international request, the Afghan president said.

“All this turned our people into refugees, they are trying to find refuge in safe cities in order to live safely. This is the only choice the Taliban offered - to switch to their side or surrender, ”Ashraf Ghani said.

He added that a large number of "jihadist militants" are now being observed in the country, who are being deployed from Pakistan. According to the Afghan President, they are directly related to transnational terrorist organizations.

“In addition, we see a consensus among international observers, but they are failing to take any real steps to provide support,” said Ashraf Ghani.

Now the attention of the government, according to the President of Afghanistan, is fully focused on the current confrontations. The head of state stressed that Afghanistan is ready to face the Taliban face to face and called on the movement to cooperate.

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