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During his meaningful life, the Academician Gafur Gulom managed to create colorful poems, epics, poems, stories and short stories of great significance for Uzbek literature.

He brought unparalleled works to the people, both in prose and poetry. As Abdullah Qahhor said, he lit up the world of literature like a fire and illuminated the path for the others. When we look at the author's work, we can be sure that he wrote not only about his time, but also about topics that are relevant today. One such topic is the issue of youth. Gafur Gulom, as a poet and passionate coach, encourages young people to master the secrets of science. He cares about the future of the nation, has high hopes for the future of young people, wants them to be mature in all areas, and is ready to be "shoulder to shoulder" for this:

Since you want to conquer the sky,

I will lend you a helping hand.

From the shots of adulthood

Keep going up every second.

These lines from the poem "To you" were read to students of the Philology Faculty of the Central Asian State University in 1948. In his poems, Gafur Gulom’s belief in the conquest of the sky by mature young people is vivid. The future of the nation, the foundation of the future, the rise of young men and women to the heavens of knowledge is expressed in beautiful verses. The same desire is described in another poem of the poet:

In the classroom, looking into those lively eyes,

I dream with boundless joy…

A bright future awaits for

                           Many of these guys and girls                            

The poet, who witnessed and endured war, famine, and various hardships, looks at these youngsters who have bright classrooms and foresees their bright future. It can be said that this poem inspired confidence, hope and a strong desire for knowledge in the hearts of young people.

There is no future without you, for you are the ones

Who look at the millennium.

Stars will not shine without you,

For you are the lights of eternity

Calling young people the "eyeballs" of the people, the metaphor encourages them to serve the Motherland with knowledge, morals and talent. In similar poems, the poet wishes our country to have a prosperous future, and encourages young people to become children worthy of such a homeland, to reach the heights of science. He is confident that young people will succeed in science.

Poet, writer, and literary translator Gafur Gulom was born in May 10, 1903. He is best remembered for his stories Shum Bola (The Mischievous Boy) (adapted for film in 1977) and Yodgor. Gafur Gulom is also known for translating the works of many influential foreign authors, such as Alexander Pushkin, Vladimir Mayakovsky, and William Shakespeare. He translated Le Mariage de Figaro of Pierre Beaumarchais, Othello of William Shakespeare, and Gulistan of Saadi Shirazi into Uzbek.

Gafur Gulom is considered to be one of the most influential Uzbek writers of the 20th century. He is also regarded as one of the founders of modern Uzbek poetry an d became a National Poet of Uzbekistan in 1963.


Dilnoza Yarashova

Student, Tashkent State University of Law 

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