Sunday, 09, May, 2021

The State Asset Management Agency (SAMA) announced the start of accepting bids to buy the former central building of the State Security Service in Tashkent.

This is a downtown building on Saylgoh Street in Yunusabad district. The building was included in the list of 15 state assets to be privatized.

The total area of ​​the land plot is 2.2 hectares, the area of ​​buildings and structures is 40,243 sq. m, building area - 9376 sq. m. Communication networks (water, gas, electricity, heat) are available.

At this building the future owner will be required to organize one or more of the following activities, office premises, retail premises, a shopping and entertainment center, culture and leisure, sports, tourism and others services.

At the end of February, it became known that the Tashkent University of Applied Sciences and the Diplomatic University are expected to open in Tashkent city, which can be relieved from all types of taxes for several years. The first university should be located in the Yunusabad region, the second - in Mirabad (presumably in the former building of the State Security Service).

Earlier, SAMA reported that the following facilities were also put up for public auction:

  1. Poytakht Business Center;
  2. Ichan Qal'a Hotel;
  3. Beldersay mountainous resort;
  4. Sidzhak mountainous resort;
  5. Kizil suv mountainous resort;
  6. Malika electronics and household appliances retail complex;
  7. Newspaper production complex building;
  8. Former building of the Republican Exchange.

Sidzhak mountainous resort belonged to the daughter of the late president of Uzbekistan, Gulnara Karimova

The state assets will be sold in two stages. At the first stage, bidders pass a preliminary qualification selection, including consideration of the completeness of the submitted documentation required for participation in the auction, confirmation of payment of the deposit, acceptability (inadmissibility) of the submitted business concept, taking into account the requirements for the further use of the facility.

At the second stage, the commercial proposal (redemption value and payment term) and the solvency of the applicant shall be assessed.

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