Sunday, 09, May, 2021

The procedure for expanding the network of cinemas was approved by the president’s Measures to elevate the cinema and film industry to a qualitatively new level and to further improve the system of state support to the industry Decree.

In each district and city of Uzbekistan, business entities will allocated 2500 sqm of non-agricultural land for the construction of shopping and entertainment complexes with a total of at least 250 seats and three cinemas.

From July 1, 2021, the creation of cinemas for 300 spectators with four cinemas in new shopping and entertainment complexes under construction with a retail space of more than 15 thousand sqm will become mandatory.

Until January 1, 2024, if cinemas are equipped with digital cinema demonstration devices (DCP format and higher) that have the ability to protect copyrights, 50% of the cost of their acquisition shall be covered by the state budget, but no more than 50 million soums per device.

For new cinemas, during the first three months of their operation, national films produced on the basis of the order of the Cinematography Agency will be provided for screening free of charge.

The governor offices were instructed to allocate one land plots in each district center, and two land plots in each district center, and two land plots in each district center for the creation of shopping and entertainment complexes with cinemas by June 15, and hold open bids until July 15 to determine the winners to attract investors to the allocated land areas.

Development of tests of an information system for automating the work of cinemas is due by December 1, 2021, and by May 1, 2022 - its full completion, which provides copyright protection for films and reliable operational information about each ticket sold. From August 1, 2022, showing films in cinemas without connecting to this information system will be regarded as a violation of retail rules.

An information and multimedia streaming platform will be created at the Center for the Development of National Cinematography.

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