Sunday, 09, May, 2021

The Samarkand province department (SPD) commented on the video footage that appeared on social networks with a flock of sheep near the Nurabad district mayor’s office. The SPD reported that the incident took place on April 6 at approximately 16:00.

According to the department, the Committee for the Development of Sericulture and Karakul Breeding has allocated 151 thousand hectares of land to Samarkand Korakul cluster LLC, and more than 197.2 thousand hectares - to JV LUXE LLC -.

After that, an agreement was entered into between the cluster and the Sohibkor Khozhiakbar farm for the lease of 834 hectares of land for a period of 49 years. The contract specified the breeding of 1,450 heads of small ruminants (sheep), but in fact, the head of the farms also kept more than 4,000 heads of cattle in this territory.

This led to the discontent of the residents of the Kilichli makhalla, who drove 1,450 sheep belonging to the cluster to the center of the district.

After that, the district mayor and the head of the district police department held a meeting with the head of JV LUXE and other citizens, as a result of which the agreement between the JV and the farm was canceled.

In addition, in order to prevent such situations, an agreement was reached on the allocation of cluster lands, first of all, to residents of makhallas for breeding livestock by establishing an LLC.

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