Monday, 25, January, 2021

The Tashkent city mayor’s office, through direct public procurement, purchased 4,965 portraits of the president worth 999.05 million soums, US$ 98 thousand, in the data given by the public procurement portal.

According to the sales contract of May 19, 2020, the portrait maker was Kolorpak. The order consisted of 2,894 portraits measuring 59×71 cm, 200 thousand soums each (665.6 million soums), as well as 2071 portraits measuring 49 × 42cm, 140 thousand soums each (333.4 million soums). The retail price of one portrait from Kolorpak is 322 thousand and 207 thousand soums, respectively.

Earlier in June Kolorpak became the general contractor for publication of 6 million copies of Education textbook and 2 million copies of Computer science textbook. The company was awarded the contract 2.5 months before the start of the school year, and agreements with other publishers were adjustged.

Kolorpak told in a commentary that the company was liquidated and reorganized with a different Taxpayer code (TIN). As of November 24, Abror Ganiev is no longer listed among the founders.

According to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations, the Kolorpak printing house was registered in May 2004.

The founders of the company are Shukhrat Akhmedov (34.4%), Ismail Israilov (34.4%) and Zo'r TV (31.2%), where Akhmedov and Israilov are also founders (50% each). Both are the business partners of the current Tashkent city mayor Jahongir Ortikhodjayev 

Shukhrat Akhmedov is the chairman of Vodiy Sadosi (Echo of the Valley) radio station and owns a 65% stake in the Tasvir publishing house (Tasvir magazine, Optovik weekly magazine), 33% in East Star Media, which publishes magazines and periodicals (other founders are Firdavs Abdukhalikov, Bakhtiyor Fazilov and Timur Rasulov). In 2018 he was awarded the Dustlik order.

Ismail Israilov owns a stake in PRO FM, Power Construction Planet (uses the Discover Invest brand), Durable Management (founder of Durable Beton). He previously worked as Director and Deputy Director of Akfa Engineering and Management.

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