Friday, 19, July, 2024

In Kokand, a local police officer from the district police department and representatives of the mahalla put a local resident to a psychiatric hospital for examination. The doctor on duty, who admitted him without obtaining consent, was held accountable, the press service of the Ombudsman of Uzbekistan Feruza Eshmatova reported.

According to the law on psychiatric care, a psychiatric examination can be carried out with the informed voluntary consent of the person being examined. Despite the lack of such consent, the psychiatrist on duty at psychiatric hospital, A. Dzhuraev, accepted the man, placed him in the hospital and conducted an examination.

At a meeting with the regional representative of the Ombudsman, B.N. said that the examination lasted three days, and based on its findings, he was declared healthy and sent home.

After studying the situation, the ombudsman's office sent a letter to the psychiatric hospital to hold accountable those who violated the law, as well as to prevent similar situations in the future.

Doctor A. Juraev was reprimanded for neglect of his duties. In addition, the hospital held a meeting at which employees were warned against violating the law.

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