Wednesday, 19, June, 2024

The U.S. Embassy in Uzbekistan is pleased to announce the launch of a new and improved visa appointment system on June 10, 2024. Through the new service, visa applicants will be able to obtain visa information, pay any required visa fees, schedule a nonimmigrant visa appointment, and receive document courier services.

Under the new visa application process, applicants will pay any required visa application fees before making an appointment. Visa applicants will have the following options for making the visa fee payment:

  • Pay in cash at any Tenge Bank branch. (Payments will not be accepted at the U.S. Embassy)
  • Pay with a credit card in U.S. Dollars through the appointment website.

The new appointment system will be accessible at the website starting on June 10 for all non-immigrant visa appointment dates for July 2 and beyond.

Through the new appointment system, applicants qualifying for interview waiver will be able to submit their visa application to the Consular Section through a courier service and receive their documents back at designated pick-up locations.

Visa applicants with appointments scheduled for dates in June using the Department of State’s previous scheduling system should still plan to attend their appointment as scheduled and pay the visa fee on-site before their interview.

Please note that the visa application fee will not increase as a result of these process changes.

The implementation of this new system is part of our efforts to continually improve services for our visa applicants.

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