Wednesday, 19, June, 2024

The State Security Service reported of several cases of corruption in Syrdarya, Kashkadarya, Tashkent provinces and Tashkent city on Wednesday.

In the Tashkent province, the head of a department and an engineer of a branch of Provincial Electric Networks reportedly asked for 39 thousand dollars from a confectionery enterprise in the Kibray district. For this, they had to connect the company to a three-phase network and install a transformer, as well as help in preparing technical documents.

The engineer was arrested by law enforcement officers while receiving 30 thousand dollars.

In the Kashkadarya province, while receiving money, a senior operational officer of the criminal investigation department of the Karshi district police department was detained.

According to the information, he tried to extort $1,500 from a businessman in exchange for not launching a criminal case.

The police officer first received $400 and was arrested while receiving the same amount a second time.

In Tashkent, while receiving $5,000, a local neighbourhood policeman of the Sergeli district police department was arrested.

The investigation found that he promised for money to classify the infliction of bodily harm by a local resident on a foreign citizen as an administrative offense, without initiating a criminal case.

All of the above detainees have been taken into custody.

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