Sunday, 26, May, 2024

On April 15, a driver in a GM Gentra hit two schoolchildren in Gallyaaral district of Jizzakh province, the press service of the province's Road Safety Department said.

According to the Road Traffic Safety Department, the accident occurred at approximately 12:40 AM on the road passing through the Oktom mahalla.

Reportedly on that day, a 26-year-old driver living in the Bakhmal district was driving at high speed, he lost control due to weather conditions and hit 5th and 7th grade students who were moving in the opposite direction towards the school. The schoolchildren died on the spot.

The driver also hit a baby goat that was near the scene of the accident.

“I was driving at 100 km/h. I lost control after I got onto the asphalt road, and the back of the car started to skid due to a puddle [after the rain]. Out of fear, I tried to straighten the steering wheel... In such a situation, I hit the children, I only know this, that’s all. Yes, this is a populated area. Yes, I saw the speed limit sign. I started to increase my speed as I passed the school crosswalks. I didn’t know that this could happen,” the driver said.

A local resident said that this is not the first time such accidents have occurred in this area.

“Drivers drive fast. We need to install a radar or something else. It's not the first time. 10-15 cars [were involved in an accident]. Enough for a little rain. Previously, one person died under Tico,” he said.

A criminal case has been launched against him under Violation of traffic safety rules or operation of vehicles, resulting in human casualties / is punishable by imprisonment for up to 10 years with deprivation of certain rights charge. The driver was taken into custody.

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