Sunday, 14, April, 2024

Judicial Collegium of the Supreme Court for Criminal Cases at its February 20 meeting decided to change the administrative punishment against religious blogger Abror Abduazimov, aka Abror Mukhtor Aliy.

On February 6, the Shaykhantakhur district court ordered to 15-day arrest and a fine of 340 thousand soums to Abror Abduazimov and Khusrav Nasrullaev. The court ruling added that they caused a fracas at the building of the Shaykhantakhur district mayor’s office. When police officers arrived on the scene, the said persons resisted policemen’s lawful demands, attracted public attention and spread false and misleading information about officers.

Both men were released by court decision from paying the costs of their detention.

On February 14, the Tashkent City Court left the sentence against Abror Abduazimov unchanged.

The revision body of the Supreme Court, having considered the arguments in the complaints of the arrested persons who asked to cancel the ruling of the first instance, decided to partially satisfy them, since when assigning punishment the court did not take into account their personality, marital status, pleading guilty, which is why a more severe sentence was adopted.

The revision authority considered that it was necessary to leave unchanged the fine and cut the administrative arrest from 15 to 13 days. The 15-day period expired on February 21.

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