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From December 1, 2023, a number of legislative changes and other novelties will take effect in Uzbekistan, including an increase in wages, pensions and benefits, the launch of a warning system for strong earthquakes, the VAT return on imported cattle, and more.

Increased pensions, benefits and salaries of public sector employees

Salaries, pensions and benefits will increase by an average of 7% from December 1:

  • the basic amount for calculating pensions will be set at 372 thousand soums (currently 347 thousand),
  • the minimum age pension will be 725 thousand soums (677 thousand);
  • the minimum wage is 1.05 million soums (980 thousand);
  • the basic calculated value to which the amounts of contracts, fines, duties and others are tied is 340 thousand soums (330 thousand soums, an increase of only 3%).

Launch of strong earthquake alert system

From December 1, Uzbekistan plans to begin the phased implementation of a national early warning system for strong earthquakes. with the launch of a mobile app that promptly notifies about earthquakes that have occurred.

Increase in prices for heating for government bodies and legal entities

From December 1, prices for hot water supply and heat supply for legal entities in Tashkent will increase by 1.5 times - from 141,737 soums to 212,606 soums per Gcal.

For budget-financed organizations it will increase by 1.6 times - from 502,067 soums to 801,963 soums per 1 Gcal.

Introduction of a single fee for installation of advertising structures and advertising

In December, an electronic digital monitoring system “Tashqi Advertising” will also be introduced, which will generate a passport for advertising space.

Instead of paying for installation of advertising structures on public areas (land plots, buildings and structures) and the fee for placing advertising on them, a single fee is being introduced. This fee will be determined based on the results of the online auction. Minimum fee for 1 sq. m will be 7% of the basic calculated value in Tashkent and 5% of the basic calculated value in other regions.

Expanded list of open data subject to mandatory publication by government agencies

The list of socially significant information to be posted as open data will expand. Now they include a single online queue of pilgrims, a list of applications submitted for admission of children to state kindergartens, and more.

VAT refund for cattle imports

System for paying VAT on cattle imported by farms for their own needs will be introduced from December 1, based on a guarantee from the Committee for Veterinary Medicine and Livestock Development within 180 days.

Less bureacracy. Cancellation of requirement to provide information from individuals and businesses

From December 1, the requirement to provide 47 types of information from individuals and legal entities in some affairs will be scrapped. Information will be collected through the Digital Government integrated platform.

Placement investment projects on the territory of the Free Economic Zones through Single portal for online governmental services

From December 1, government services for placing investment projects in special economic zones, registering participants, entering into agreements with them on the implementation of investment projects and lease agreements shall be provided through the single portal, as well as by direct contact with government service centers or the management company of special economic zones.

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