Sunday, 19, May, 2024

On August 31, a minor boy was beaten in Furqat district of Fergana province, the provincial police department said. A 13-year-old teenager damaged the tires of a GM Nexia belonging to his neighbor R.Yu. The man assaulted and wounded the child.

The child was diagnosed with hematomas of the head, forehead, neck and right shoulder joint.

The district police department is investigating.

Cars are virtually an item of luxury in Uzbekistan. Even used cars are quite expensive in Uzbekistan, not to mention new ones, even compared to global rates. The situation is exacerbated with Uzbeks’ low purchasing power. Uzbeks virtually worship their cars, washing them every other day.

Nearly 30-year old protectionist policies of the car market by Uzbek authorities in the favour of the local manufacturers has raised a new mediocre GM sedan’s price up to a whopping 17 thousand USD (used one's price tag is at 13 thousand USD).

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