Sunday, 26, March, 2023

Uzbekistan gas filling stations starts selling imported Russian AI-80 gasoline. Import contracts were signed with Russian companies for 50,000 tons of AI-80 gasoline, and 5,000 tons to business entities. At present, the price of imported gasoline at Uzbekneftegas filling stations is sold at 6000-6200 soums.

Zero rate excise tax has been established for imported AI-80 gasoline until March 1, 2023 produced by local enterprises and sold to end consumers by business entities.

“In December 2022 and January 2023, the temperature dropped sharply and restrictions were imposed on filling stations for cars, which caused a sharp increase in the demand for AI-80 gasoline, which by far exceeded supply. This, in turn, created shortages and queues at gas stations.

Uzbekneftegaz started importing finished products along with local products produced at the Bukhara oil refinery in order to meet the needs of the economy's sectors of the country and households in high-quality and inexpensive gasoline," the company said in a statement.

It was reported that in January, Uzbekneftegaz entered into contracts with Russian Gazprom, Tatneft, Orsknefteorgsintez for the import of 50 thousand tons, and business entities - 5 thousand tons of gasoline AI-80.

Commenting on the suspension of the production of AI-80 gasoline in neighboring Russia and Kazakhstan, the company underscored that currently AI-80 gasoline is produced only on the basis of orders from businesses.

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