Sunday, 03, March, 2024

The Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan issued a statement on the Roadmap signed with Gazprom. “The goal of the Roadmap signed with Gazprom is to supply required quantities of natural gas to the domestic market. There is no threat of a possible handover of the gas transportation grid to someone or let alone our sovereignty,” the official statement said.

“On January 24 of this year, the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan and the Gazprom held negotiations on cooperation in the gas sector and discussed the technical possibilities of supplying natural gas from Russia to Uzbekistan.”

“In accordance with the signed Roadmap, the working group formed between the parties agreed on the technical measures necessary for transit of gas through the Central Asia-Central gas pipeline passing through the territory of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.”

“After the working group completes all the technical work, the main terms and conditions for the supply of natural gas will be discussed.”

“It should be emphasized that the negotiations and the Roadmap aim to supply natural gas to the domestic market in the necessary quantities while fully preserving the ownership of the existing gas transportation system of the Republic of Uzbekistan. There is absolutely no threat to our sovereignty or the transfer of the gas transportation system.”

“In the future, all work in this area will be carried out while fully protecting the national interests of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and the results will be constantly informed to the public,” the statement concluded.

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