Sunday, 25, February, 2024

The conclusion of the Accounts Chamber of the draft State budget of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2022 Law and the budget message for the next year was published.

The Chamber made a number of proposals on the draft of the main axes of tax and budgetary policy.

In particular, in order to simplify the process of state registration and facilitate for citizens for the full disposal of property rights, a recommendation was made to revise (unify) the size of state duties and fees collected from individuals when registering movable and immovable property (in proportion to their value).

Also, during the preparation of the document, the correspondence of the drafts of the state budget and budgets of state trust funds, the main axes of tax and budget policy to the priority areas of the country's socio-economic development, the target figures of the industries, as well as decisions and instructions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan was studied.

In addition, an increase in tariffs for electricity, natural gas, hot water, drinking water and sewerage is projected.

It was under that tariffs have not changed in 2020, and indexation is expected in the country in 2021.

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