Monday, 22, July, 2024

The X International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange starts in Tashkent.

Its main objective is to assist the businesses, enhance and development of intra and inter-industry cooperation, informing about products manufactured in the country, facilitate networking and entry into sale contracts.

The event will bring together over 2,200 local companies and businesses engaged in such industries as mechanical engineering, automotive, electrical, construction, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, and others.

The Fair will feature more than 24 thousand exhibits in four pavilions, two atriums and conference halls.

Note: In 2015 the IX International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange was attended by more than 1,200 foreign firms and companies from 55 countries of the world, following which contracts worth some 11 trillion soums and export contracts worth over $ 8.3 billion were signed.

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