Friday, 14, June, 2024

The President’s draft Measures to improve the use of space technology in the economy Decree has been posted for public input.

It aims to actively introduce remote sensing data into economy sectors, optimize the activities of government agencies, facilitate the development of aerospace research and technology.

The proposal of the UzbekCosmos Agency and the Ministry of Finance to establish a Fund for Space Research and Technology Development will be approved.

Funds will be formed from the following main sources:

10% of the proceeds from the provision of services using unmanned aerial vehicles by the State Unitary Enterprise Geoinnovation Center;

20% of the fines received by the State Unitary Enterprise Geoinnovation Center for the detection of administrative offenses;

other sources not prohibited by law.

It noted that the funds will be used to develop and strengthen the material and resource base, as well as to encourage, retrain and improve the skills of employees of the UzbekCosmos agency.

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