Friday, 14, June, 2024

The Special National Anti-Coronavirus Commission announced a number of lockdown restrictions to prevent worsening of epidemiological situation in the country due to the recent increase in cases of COVID-19 in Tashkent and the Tashkent provinces, the press service of the Ministry of Health said.

Starting from April 1, on the territory of Uzbekistan, sanitary and epidemiological control over the observance of sanitary and hygienic restrictions during weddings, funerals and other family events will be stepped up and the number of participants in these events will be limited to 100 people.

In addition, at theater, cinema and concerts:

  • masks must be worn by spectators and service personnel place;
  • spectators shall be limited to 50% of the seat capacity;
  • social distance must be kept between spectators;
  • body temperature of visitors must be measured with those having high temperetaures not to be allowed;
  • the work of retail units at cinemas, thaters ant etc. shall be suspended (except for the sale of masks and antiseptics);
  • special belts must be installed to arrange queues at entrances.

The statement emphasizes that the organizers are responsible for adhering to the lockdown rules in the places where the performances take place.

On March 16, the anti-coronavirus headquarters in Tashkent warned that should the epidemiological situation deteriorate, it could temporarily ban mass events in the city from April 1.

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