Saturday, 09, December, 2023

The Extradition Treaty and the Treaty on legal assistance in civil, family and criminal matters between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan took effect on August 7, the Foreign Ministry said.

The extradition treaty was signed on October 17, 2016 as part of the 43rd session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Tashkent. It regulates the conditions for the extradition of persons suspected or accused of committing a crime, the requirements for documents containing an application for extradition, the terms and conditions of temporary arrest until the formal application for extradition is sent.

The treaty on mutual assistance in civil, family and criminal matters was signed during the visit of the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to Uzbekistan on December 5, 201, according to which, citizens and stateless persons permanently residing in the territory of one state enjoy the same legal protection in respect of their personal and property rights as their own citizens of that state. The treaty regulates the provision of legal assistance in civil, family and criminal matters, the jurisdiction of cases, as well as the procedure for sending requests to obtain documents, evidence and court proceedings, recognition and enforcement of court rulings.

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