Wednesday, 29, November, 2023

Rahmonbek Usmanov has been dismissed from the post of the Tashkent city mayor, a source in the presidential office said.

Usmanov has been appointed the first deputy chief of the Uzbek Agency for Road Transport, the source added.

Rakhmonbek Usmanov, 57, graduate of the Tashkent Road Institute - 1982) served as the Tashkent city mayor since March 2012, before that, since February 2011, he was interim mayor.

In 2005-2011 he was the first deputy mayor of Tashkent responsible for capital construction, municipal services, improvement, industry and entrepreneurship.

In 2003-2005 he worked as the mayor of Yakkasaray district, in 2001-2003 - first deputy mayor of Mirzo-Ulugbek district.

However it is not yet known who will succeed him. The name of the new mayor is expected to be announced on Thursday.

The Uzbek Agency for Road Transport was established in March in place of the Uzbek Agency of Road and River Transport.

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