Wednesday, 20, March, 2019

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, by his August 14 decree appointed Ruslanbek Davletov as new Minister of Justice. Earlier Davletov was the first deputy state adviser to the President responsible for protection of rights of citizens, control and coordinate the work with letters from natural and legal persons.

Ruslanbek Davletov replaced Muzraf Ikramov, who was appointed chairman of the Accounting Chamber. Ruslanbek Davletov earlier held a post of the first deputy minister of justice. He holds four degrees, including a graduate degree of the University of Warwick.

He began his career in 2001 as a specialist of the former Committee on demonopolization and competition development. Later he worked as a chief specialist, interim head of one of the departments.

In 2004-2012 he worked in the Office of legal expertise and international agreements within the Cabinet of Ministers, in 2012-2014 - deputy then interim director of the Research center for democratization and liberalization of judicial legislation, responsible for ensuring the independence of the judiciary under the Supreme Court. In 2014-2016 he worked in the President’s Office.


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