Saturday, 13, July, 2024

President signed Measures to sharply increase the flow of foreign tourists to the republic and further accelerate domestic tourism Decree.

From March 1, 2024 through March 1, 2026, the following items that are being imported into Uzbekistan, the likes of which are not produced in the countries, will be exempted from customs duties:

  • equipment, machinery, raw materials, components and spare parts, furniture and inventories, building materials and other materials for construction, reconstruction and equipping of hotels and other accommodation facilities, trade and entertainment complexes;
  • equipment for swimming pools and water parks, equipment, turnstiles, payment information terminals, video surveillance systems, new modern energy-saving systems, special water purification filters;
  • construction (reconstruction and modernization) materials, equipment and technologies needed to organize the activity of retail stores of jewelry and gold products in tourist centers.

For Moynaq and Zomin bound flights, ticked fares young people under 23 years of age, recipients of age-related pensions and benefits, disabled persons shall be discounted by at 50 percent, while the rest will be are covered from the budget.

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