Thursday, 24, June, 2021

A memorandum on the implementation of a US$100 million project was signed between the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Ministry said.

The project is aimed at developing STEM education in schools for 7-11th grades. It will maintain and improve the existing standards of curricula and textbooks in STEM subjects, training and retraining of teachers, purchasing the necessary equipment for schools, renovating school buildings, and developing educational technologies. In addition, the project provides for the improvement of the system for assessing the knowledge of students in Uzbek schools.

The project will be implemented in accordance with the Country Operations Business Plan (COBP) for the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2020-2022, recent government initiatives and the Concept for the Development of the Public Education System of the Republic of Uzbekistan until 2030.

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