Tuesday, 18, May, 2021

The prominent Uzbek rights activist Surat Ikromov died on May 3 at the age of 77 in Tashkent city. According to his family, Surat Ikromov has been seriously ill since February 2021. The cause of his death was chronic pneumonia, diabetes mellitus and prostate cancer.

After his printing business in Tashkent was seized by a state enterprise, he appealed to courts and had a long case. Unsuccessful in his attempts he addressed to local rights activists, and then became one of them.

In 2002, he founded an initiative group of independent human rights activists in Uzbekistan. This organization has monitored many political and religious trials in Uzbekistan. In the course of his activities, Surat Ikromov received threats.

Data provided by Surat Ikromov on investigative and judicial processes on religious and political reasons prisoners had been long included in the annual reports of international human rights organizations. UN, US Department of State.

In 2003, Surat Ikromov was abducted in Tashkent by unknown persons and severely beaten. The Ministry of Internal Affairs launched a probe, but the persons who attacked it were not found.

According to relatives, the funeral prayer for the deceased took place on May 3 after midday namaz, in his house in Qorasaroy makhalla, he was buried in the Minor cemetery.

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