Thursday, 06, May, 2021

Artak Kamalyan, the Minister of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) for Industry and Agroindustrial Complex, said that documents on Uzbekistan's interaction with the EAEU are almost ready.

“At present, the Eurasian Economic Commission is working on mechanisms to raise awareness of representatives of the state authorities of Uzbekistan and the business community about the current technical and customs regulation in the EAEU, about the Union's foreign trade policy, promising projects and other areas of its activities. The main system-forming documents are at the final stage of development - a memorandum of cooperation between the EEC and the government of Uzbekistan, as well as a plan of joint activities for 2021-2023. I hope they will be ready for signing in the near future, ”he told the Xalq So’zi newspaper.

Artak Kamalyan added that in case of joining the union, Uzbekistan will receive preferential access to the markets of third countries with which the EAEU has signed agreements on free trade zones.

“These are Vietnam, Iran, Singapore and Serbia. Uzbekistan will also get the opportunity to participate in the negotiation process as a full partner in the formation of new agreements on free trade zones. Currently, the EAEU countries are conducting such negotiations with Egypt, India and Israel,” he said.

The Minister stressed that boosting trade with Uzbekistan is of particular interest to the EAEU countries.

“Basically, Uzbekistan imports from the countries of the union grain - wheat and corn, fats and oils - sunflower oil and margarine, and exports fruits and vegetables. I would like to emphasize that through the agro-industrial complex, Uzbekistan can integrate into the EAEU very organically. The country has a serious potential both for the supply of products to the market of the Eurasian Economic Union, and for meeting its internal needs for various types of food,” he concluded.

On December 11, 2020, Uzbekistan received observer status in the Eurasian Economic Union.

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