Thursday, 24, June, 2021

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree on the organizational measures for the development and implementation of the State program "Year Of Dialogue with People and Human Interests," the Akhborot program of Uzbekistan channel said.

The objectives of the program, which should be prepared in a month's time - is to radical improvement of the quality and effectiveness of the ongoing democratization processes, and ensure the rights, freedoms and interests, including decent living standards, strengthening the role and responsibility of public authorities for their implementation, introduction of new effective tools and methods for an open dialogue with the people and work with their appeals, timely handling of life's problems of citizens, consistent implementation in practice of the noble idea ​​- "Human interests - above all else. "

A national commission headed by Prime Minister Abdullah Aripov has been formed to develop and implement the Program. The formed working group will be engaged in summation of materials and proposals from ministries, local authorities, economic entities, public and non-governmental organizations.

Priorities of State Program 2017

  • Forming of regular effective mechanisms for parliamentary and public control over the fulfillment of adopted laws at local level, decrees and other legal acts, the efficiency of government agencies to accomplishment of their tasks and responsibilities, respecting of human rights, freedoms and interests, responding to the complaints of citizens.
  • Radical improvement of the system of interaction with citizens and legal entities, introduction of new effective tools and methods to establish an open dialogue with the people, introduction of accountability of khokims at all levels to the public, officials of the prosecution and internal affairs, thus strengthening people's trust in public authorities .
  • Setting of concrete legal, organizational and practical, logistical and financial bases for organization of Local Receptions, ensuring their effective functioning, taking measures to eliminate bureaucratic obstacles and challenges in the fields where there is the largest number of complaints.
  • Improving the system of provision of public services through Single window principle, introduction of modern information and communication technologies into these processes and activities of state bodies, formation of an efficient system of "E-Government".
  • Implementation of measures to strengthen the genuine independence of the judiciary and achievement of justice and increasing the role and significance of legal profession as an institution of reliable protection of human rights, empowerment of lawyers, raising the legal culture and economic and financial literacy of people, formation of citizens' education system in the spirit of respect for the law, increasing social tolerance for the offense, a broad statement of principle in the life of society "Justice is in the rule of law."
  • Gradual reduction of the role of the state in managing the economy, development of the concept of administrative reform, aimed at optimizing the structure, tasks and powers of the state administration, the reduction is not peculiar to them overlapping functions, the formation of an effective system of institute of public service reform a cardinal improvement of material and social security of public servants, involvement of the civil service with modern thinking, proactive, responsible and professionally trained personnel.
  • Ensuring sustainable economic growth, speed up the reforming and liberalization of the economy and agriculture and ensuring food security, support to small businesses, creation of favorable conditions for entrepreneurial activity, ensuring all-round protection of private property.
  • Comprehensive intensive development of territories, particularly districts and towns, remote settlements that are lagging behind in economic and social terms, ensuring the participation of commercial banks in job creation, on this basis gradually increase  wages, pensions, allowances and scholarships, raise the level and quality of life.
  • Implementation of targeted programs on the development and modernization of engineering and communication, social and market infrastructure, construction of affordable and comfortable housing on standardized projects aimed at improving the conditions and quality of life.
  • Implementation of comprehensive measures for the development of education systems, social security and health care, including maternal and child health, to strengthen the institution of family, upbringing healthy and harmoniously developed generation, realization of talents and abilities of young people.

Reinforcing the social state of mutual respect and solidarity, ensuring equal rights and opportunities for all citizens, regardless of nationality, religion or belief, strengthening the role and importance of mahalla institute, women's and youth organizations, veterans' associations, peace and security in the country.

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